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How to Pay for your Booking

We normally ask participants to pay by direct bank transfer via telephone or online banking. If you can't do this, you can send a cheque. Please contact the event organiser if you want to pay by another method.

Paying by telephone or online banking

Our bank details are:

  Account name Edward Carpenter Community Ltd
  Bank Co-operative Bank
  Sort code 08-92-99
  Account no 65198601

If you’re transferring funds from outside the UK, the Bank Identification code is CPBK GB22
and the International Bank Account Number is GB68 CPBK 0892 9965 198601.

To ensure that your payment is processed correctly and quickly, it is important that you use the correct payee reference when you make your payment, or your booking confirmation may be delayed.

If you booked online, you will have a unique booking reference eg: JL23016. Always quote this full reference number followed by your name. Full details are included in your booking acknowledgement email, or you can request a booking reminder.

If you booked using a form but want to pay by bank transfer, please use one of the following event codes as a reference, followed by your name:

  Dufton New Year 28 December 2023 to 4 January 2024 NY2023

Paying by cheque

Send your cheque to the address shown on the event's booking page. Make the cheque payable to Edward Carpenter Community Ltd (full words please). If you booked online, please write your unique booking reference on the back of the cheque , or the event code from the list above. Full details will be included in your booking acknowledgement email, or you can request a booking reminder.
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