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The Edward Carpenter Community
For men who love men

How do I join ECC?

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ECC doesn't have a formal membership that you can sign up to.

Instead, anyone who's attended one of our residential events, no matter how long ago, is considered to be a member for life. We like it that way - it reflects our identity as an ongoing community of Men who Love Men.

If you'd like to join us, simply book a place on one of our gatherings. Booking is open to anyone who shares our collective Vision and Values. After you've attended your first event, you'll be considered as a permanant member for as long as you wish. There is no membership fee to pay. You will be invited to our private social media groups, and have website access to some members-only material on our website.

To help you book for your first event, we recommend you sign up to our occasional newsletter which will tell you when to expect bookings to open, or keep checking the website. Places on our events can sell out very quickly, but we always reserve several places for newcomers, so you'll usually be guaranteed a place the first time you book.

We do sometimes run other events including regular local groups, one-day workshops and online gatherings under the ECC banner, or other events run by ECC members. As these aren't residential, or not run directly by ECC, they won't qualify you for membership.



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