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The Edward Carpenter Community
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Autumn Gathering

Unstone Grange

Fri 27th to Sun 29th October 2017

Photo for Autumn Gathering Photo for Autumn Gathering

The annual Autumn Gathering (AG) is the weekend event where ECC reviews its activities, and plans for the coming year. It is our chance to reflect on the year past, to celebrate the rich experiences of community that have taken place, and to plan the events for the coming year. We also hold the formal Annual General Meeting of Edward Carpenter Community Ltd.

This is a working weekend, but with also plenty of time for walks and socialising. Come and enjoy community together during the mellow days of autumn, and help to shape another fruitful year for ECC in 2018.

There are some vacant ECC posts to fill, and the teams of organisers for next year’s events to form. Please contact the MG if you are interested to help or to learn more. Even if you can’t be with us at the AG, don’t let that stop you offering to contribute in some way.

Unstone Grange, in the village of Unstone near Sheffield, has hosted many ECC events over the years. The resident community will be welcoming us back for our AG. We will have exclusive use of the roomy, relaxed main house, set in its 5 acres of organic gardens, and with pleasant local walks within easy reach. Millthorpe, the village where Edward Carpenter lived for 40 years, is also only a few miles away.

It would be particularly good to welcome newcomers to the AG, or those who have not been for a while. So book now – and let’s bring together our enthusiasm, our positive energy, and the desire to see our community thrive and develop!

Also, if you are a current taskholder, or were an organiser for an event this year, please do remember to submit your report to the ECC Secretary, David Wray (at the email address below), in good time, so that he can collate these ahead of the AG.

AGM of Edward Carpenter Community Ltd

We were unable to  hold the AGM of ECC Ltd at Unstone Grange on 29th October 2017 as we didn’t have a quorum of 15 members.   Notice of the new date for the AGM is given below. If you’re able to attend please email maintenance [at] Typically the meeting takes about 15 minutes and involves receiving the Maintenance Group Report, Accounts and the elections of the new Maintenance Group. Both the Maintenance Group Report and the Accounts have already been discussed at the recent Autumn Gathering.

“Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Edward Carpenter Community Ltd will take place on 21st January 2018 at 1pm at Gay’s The Word, 66 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AB.  Any member wishing to put down a motion for discussion should forward that motion in writing so that it reaches the undersigned no later than 28 days before the date of the meeting.”

David Wray, Secretary Edward Carpenter Community Ltd. Email: maintenance [at]

Call for Proposals / Bids for Events in 2018

The Autumn Gathering is also the opportunity to review and approve bids for events for 2018. New teams of organisers are needed to ensure that your favourite ECC events run again in 2018. Or maybe you’d like to propose an ECC weekend event in your area. During this continued interim period in the unavailability of Laurieston Hall, it would be particularly good to have proposals for ECC events in new venues.

Now is the time to get together with other ECC men to make a proposal for the event of your choice and submit it to the Maintenance Group before the end of September.

Get in touch with one of the Maintenance Group to find out more about what information you need to provide for your proposed event. Again, contact David, Jimmy or Jon at maintenance [at]

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