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The Edward Carpenter Community
For men who love men

Discovering my Tribe

John Tyler

John Tyler highlighted in a group photo

At Last
A sense of Belonging
Of Acceptance
And Understanding,
I cried all week
With joy and relief.

The old familiar feelings
Of being different
Not fitting in
The odd one out
An alien
All stripped away.

Here I could be myself
Here I could feel okay

Ears that know how to Listen
From the Heart,
Space to be myself
No need for a mask
No need to play a part.

No bitchiness
No victimisation
Or malice
Or discrimination

Just Support
And Nurturing,
Self Empowerment
The ambition.

A sense of Harmony
Amid difference
And disagreement,
Of different points of view,
Of uniqueness
Me and You
Not Us and Them.

Sharing our lives
Our essence
No pretence
Just Presence
The Here and Now,
Organic and flowing
Embracing difference
In a natural way,
With Space
To change the schedule,
Change the rules
For all to have their say.

Personal Growth
The Roots,
The Core,
A Safe Place
To have Adventure,
Face Challenge,

I found my Tribe
The Edward Carpenter

John Tyler


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