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What we love about ECC

In 2015 we marked 30 years of the Edward Carpenter Community at our Gay Men's Week at Laurieston Hall. During the week we asked men to think about the things that they really valued and loved about the community and their experience on the week, and to post them on a board. Here is a selection of the comments which encapsulate the breadth of things we love about ECC.

Acceptance A place to take risks Companionship, be myself feeling at home Best sauna on the planet Celebrating diversity and difference Coming out, sharing our stories Embracing mind body spirit Inclusivity belonging feeling at home Dealing with internal homophobia Gaining skills feeling welcomed Something to belong to personal growth sex intimacy Getting in touch with emotions Inclusive friendly welcome Healing from abusive relationship Natural eco environment Relationships magic depth silliness Singing dancing Sensual touch massage workshops Feeling of being safe Nudity chilled atmosphere nature Structured challenges labyrinth vision quest silence Support freedom friendship Support in life crisis Support out of life crisis That feeling of confidence afterwards
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