Natural Body Natural Being 1 – 8 September 2012

Natural Body, Natural Being

‘Opening body, mind and spirit to transformation’

1 – 8 September 2012

Laurieston Hall, Dumfries and Galloway

The vision is to create an intentional community as a vehicle for discovery, growth and affirmation, building on the popular themed weeks run in 2010 and 2011.

The week will offer a supportive, stimulating space for a deep experiential process of transformation. This will enable a gradual raising of awareness of our physical body, senses, thoughts, self, and soul which in turn can create expanded consciousness. As we explore this gentle process together, we may reach a place where we can acknowledge and release restrictive, disempowering beliefs. The falling away of unhelpful, habit/story patterns frees our awareness and this, in turn, raises consciousness and enables powerful connection.

In a spirit of co-creation, we will draw upon the wisdom of nature and of the group, with activities in pairs, small clusters and the whole group so everyone feels comfortable, heard, involved and supported. Activities may feature: touch; movement; voicework; meditation; story-sharing; silence; time in nature; awareness exercises; group sharing – heart circles, go rounds; rituals and the sacred; play and celebration; and discussions. Some of these will be clothing optional. Since we are hoping to co-create with participants a space in which transformation may happen, everyone will be given support to identify his own personal boundaries, limits and the risks he’d like to take. These will be fully respected as part of the group process.

The week will follow a daily structure of group time in the morning, free time in the afternoon (with the opportunity for your offered activities), base groups before dinner and further group time in the evening. To ensure the most conducive environment, we have capped the number of participants. All men are welcome and we will explicitly ask those who book to declare if they intend to come to the group structured activities. We respect that some may choose to come to enjoy Laurieston, or to have a holiday experience and if we know this, we can offer their workshop space to others who may be eager for the experience. This arrangement respects all parties.

Your Organisers

Adrian Perrett Adrian attended his first ECC week in September 2006 which altered his life path beyond his wildest imaginings. Leading him to attend and then assist on workshops with gaylovespirit, tantra4gaymen and touch magic; for the last 2 years Adrian has been part of the team running the September week. Now a full time massage therapist in Brighton, with a passion for tarot, yoga, community living and running up that spiritual hill.

Andrew Woodgate My motivation is to help people discover their sense of being deeply connected – with what is important to them, with others, with wider society and with the planet. This deep connection is about wholeness. It is about supporting individuals to bring as much of their whole self to the fore as possible. In my own life, I am keen to make connections through my personal and spiritual growth, through my passion for the environment and nature, and through my work. I have twenty years’ experience working in various ways with individuals and groups at a deep level. This manifests itself now through my work as a Gestalt psychotherapist. Together with Tim Pickles, I am a co-founder of Gay Spirit, an initiative supporting spiritual and personal development for gay / bi men.

Kevin Jackson Kevin has worked extensively with individuals and groups to develop their interpersonal skills. He comes from a belief in the potential of individuals to nurture themselves and others. Personal vision has led Kevin to reshape his life as a freelance coach and facilitator, freeing time for poetry, community and spirituality.

Tim Pickles Tim practices as an ordained interfaith minister, a spiritual director, and an initiated man and elder.

Trevor Newton Trevor has been attending Laurieston events since 2009 and has found the September weeks both inspirational and very hard work. A person-centred counsellor in training, Trevor loves nothing more than to get in touch with his feelings. His interests include massage, reiki, and gestalt questioning. He is also a bit of a faerie, having attended gatherings at Featherstone and Wannsee.