Manchester Heart Circle 10 year Celebration

Invitation: Celebrating 10 Years of Heart Circles in Manchester, 1pm-5pm, Sunday 5th June

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Heart Circles in Manchester we are holding a shared lunch, workshop and Heart Circle on Sunday 5 June at 49-51 Sidney St, Manchester M1 7HB . It would be great to see you and connect or reconnect. You will be very welcome.

1pm-2pm: Shared Lunch
2pm-3pm: Workshop
3pm-3.30pm: Refreshments
3.30pm-5.00pm Heart Circle

A donation of £2.50 is invited towards the cost of room hire and refreshments.


1.00-2.00pm Shared Lunch
Why not join us for a shared celebratory vegetarian lunch! Everyone is invited to bring a veggie dish to share.

2.00pm-3.00pm Workshop
Please bring an object which means something to you and which somehow speaks about the past 10 years for you. Each of us will get time in the group to talk about what we’ve brought along and why. You might, for example, bring a letter, photo, piece of jewellery, painting, CD. Although there’s no right or wrong object I do suggest avoiding anything which could potentially offend others.

3pm-3.30pm refreshments

3.30pm-5.00pm the June Heart Circle meets
If you’ve not been in a long while this could be a good opportunity to remind yourself of how rewarding they can be. As you know we listen and speak from the heart in confidence and we don’t judge anyone else’s contribution.

If you’ve never been then you’ll have the chance to experience the warm acceptance of a group of gay/ bi men and share what ever you choose about your life at the moment but speaking from the heart or in other words about your feelings on whatever aspect of your life you choose to open up about. Further details about how Heart Circles work are here.

I have been going to the heart circles on and off during these ten years. I was one of the earliest members, and though I have had periods where I have not gone regularly, I have always returned and been grateful to those who kept the flame burning while I had my times out.

The heart circle is a very special event and really speaks to the best of the spirit of the Edward Carpenter Community whether you have been on any of our residential events or not.

I have made my deepest friendships via the Edward Carpenter Community and I treasure both.

Please drop me an email if you can join us for this very special event so I have an idea how many people we can expect. It’s ok just to turn up on day day as well, of course.

I look forward to seeing you at the 10th anniversary Heart Circle on Sunday 5th June.

In friendship