Vision and Values

Vision and Values

As members of the Edward Carpenter Community we are committed to:

1. Becoming fully ourselves as gay men
By being creative, courageous, open, truthful, loving and fully responsible for ourselves.
We will pursue personal growth and engage in activities that increase our self-awareness, self worth and well-being.

2. Creating community
By being welcoming, inclusive, safe, empowering, encouraging, allowing, accepting, co-operative, challenging, forgiving and fun.
We will do this through friendship that builds trust and intimacy and formal and informal gatherings and events. We will embrace diversity. We will make decisions by consensus, support each other and share skills and knowledge.

3. Living respectfully and holistically within the wider world
By engaging, inspiring, questioning, pioneering, and sharing our lives and gifts.
We will build relationships with others and be aware of the impact of our thoughts, intentions and actions on our communities and planet.